Installation Requirements of Pipeline Flexible Rubber Joint

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Threaded Union Rubber Joint

The service life of flexible rubber joint concerns not just its own quality, but the installation environment, correct installation way matter a lot as well. 
1. During installation, it needs to choose the right size, commpensation valve, displacement valve, etc. And the flexible rubber joint should keep natural and avoid artifical deformation.
2. The rod of the bolt should be outward, and the rod of flange face must evenly press tight according to diagonal way without flattening.
3. The application temperature of common rubber joint is 0-60°C, and the medium is water. If the medium environment changes, such as temperature rises, or the environmrnt changes to be acid, alkali, oil, and such, corresponding special joints are needed.
4. Since the rubber material in the joint, the environment should be cool and dry. And outdoor exposure is harmful to the normal us of rubber joint. 

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