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About Us

GYLDT CO., LIMITED GYLDT CO., LIMITED (Gongyi Liangda Tubes Co., LTD) is committed to firefighting equipment and pipe fittings design and production, is the leading manufacturer and supplier in China, the product range including: intelligent water fire monitors, image based fire detectors, rubber expansion joints, dismantling joints, metal expansion bellows, flap valves and Flanges, etc. GYLDT emphasizes on technology innovation and transformation. Namely, it was among the earliest ranks to make rubber joint since 1989; It obtained a patent for making reducing flange connection in 1991; It obtained a paten license for developing rubber butterfly valve in 1996; It studied and made advanced soft-sealing check valve in 1999; It innovated rubber joint ’s process and reached the...

Catalogue and Products

Fire Monitor

Intelligent Fire Monitor, Image Fire Detector,

Rubber Joint

Single Arch Type, Double Arch Type, Rubber Reducer, Full Face Flange Type, Threaded Union Type, Slip On Type, Duct Fabric Expansion Joint, PTFE lined Rubber Expansion Joint,

Dismantling Joint

Dismantling Joint, Flange Adaptor, Flexible Coupling, Dismantling Joint, Sperical Expansion Joint,

Expansion Bellow

Stainless Steel Braided Hose, Corrugated Expansion Joint, Balance Expansion Joint, Pressurized Expansion Bellows,

Duckbill Check Valve

duckbill check valve, XH81A Duckbill Valve, XH81B Duckbill Valve, Flange Mould Type Duckbill Valve, XH41B Duckbill Valve, Housed In Line Duckbill Valves, In Line Duckbill Valve XH41D, In Line Duckbill Valve XH81C,

Pinch Valve

Pinch Valves, Flange Air Pinch Valve,

Flap Valve

flap valve, Cast Iron Flap Valve, GRP Flap Valve, HDPE Flap Valve, Steel Flap Check Valves, Stainless Steel Flap Valves,

Expansion Joint

Steel Expansion Joint

Butterfly Valve

Triple Offset Butterfly Valve

Resilient Seated Flange Butterfly Valve

Resilient Seated Flange Butterfly Valve, Wafer type Butterfly Valve, Lug type Butterfly Valve, Flange Expansion Butterfly Valve,

Metal-Sealing Butterfly Valve

Metal-sealing Flange Butterfly Valve

Actuator Butterfly Valve

Butterfly Valve with Electric Actuator, Butterfly Valve with Pneumatic Actuator,

Check Valve

Wafer Check Valve

Wafer Check Valve

Swing Check Valve

Swing Check Valve, butterfly swing check valve,

Anechoic Check Valve

Anechoic Check Valve

Foot Valve

foot valve

Gate Valve

Resilient Seated Gate Valves

Resilient Seated Gate Valves, Rising Stem Resilient Seated Gate Valves, Buried Resilient Seated Gate Valves, Encryption Resilient Seated Gate Valves, Socket type Resilient Seated Gate Valves,

Metal-Sealing Gate Valve

Metal-Sealing Gate Valve

Actuator Gate Valve

Gate Valve with Electric Actuator, Gate Valve with Pneumatic Actuator,

Y Strainer