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GYLDT Sample Policy [2014-06-10]

Dear customers:


If you need a sample to test GYLDT products, please read carefully the sample policy below:


1. For customers who had cooperation-value of the prouduct(s) and freight cost together not more than 1% of the last order or average of last three orders, redundant valve will be charged.


2. Customers of the first cooperation-both cost of the product(s) and freight will be charged in advance, all the costs will be deducted from the first order balance, the deducted amount not more than 1% of the order.


3. If customized samples needed, GYLDT will request the cost of moulds, it can be free within the regular customer’s 1% credit, but new customers will be charged together with product price and freight cost. The cost of the moulds will be deducted from the balance payment.


Above is the tentative stipulation of GYLDT for the sample cost. If you need to know more information, please contact us.


Gongyi Liangda Tubes Co., Ltd

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June 10, 2014


Rui Kong

Sales Manager