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GYLDT got CCCF Certificate [2016-03-11]

GYLDT CO., LTD got China Compulsory Certificate for Intelligent Fire Monitors in China(CCCF No.: 2016081803000310), without this certificate, no firefighting equipment could sell in China. It is issued by CNCA (Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People's Republic of China), is the most authoritative certificate in China.

Follow is the introduction from Wiki:

The China Compulsory Certificate mark, commonly known as a CCC Mark, is a compulsory safety mark for many products imported, sold or used in the Chinese market. It was implemented on May 1, 2002 and became fully effective on August 1, 2003.[1]

It is the result of the integration of China's two previous compulsory inspection systems, namely "CCIB" (Safety Mark, introduced in 1989 and required for products in 47 product categories) and "CCEE" (also known as "Great Wall" Mark, for electrical commodities in 7 product categories), into a single procedure.

The CCC mark is required for both Chinese manufactured and foreign imported products; the certification process involves the Guobiao standards.


The CCC mark is administered by the CNCA (Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People's Republic of China).[4] The China Quality Certification Center (CQC) is designated by CNCA to process CCC mark applications and defines the products that need CCC. The products are summed up in overall product categories. Additionally, the following certification authorities are responsible for specific groups of products:

CCAP (China Certification Centre for Automotive Products) products in the automotive area.

CSP (China Certification Center for Security and Protection) certifies security products, forensic technology and products for road safety

CSCG (China Safety Global Certification Centre) for safety glass

CEMC (China Certification Centre for Electromagnetic Compatibility) all electronic products.

Protection of intellectual property in the CCC certification[edit]

Although the CCC-Certification’s only purpose is to ensure compliance of products with the Chinese standards, many companies are worried that infringements of their trademarks or patent occur during the CCC-Certification. Especially regarding the following steps, companies are troubled:

Comprehensive product information for the application are required

Type test of the products in an accredited test laboratory in China

Factory audit by Chinese inspectors examine the factory

For the best possible protection for the own products there are:

Preventive Measurements

Protecting Intellectual Property Rights in China.