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Design standards of GongYi LiangDa metallic expansion joints [2013-05-20]


Metallic expansion joints are the elements designed to absorb relative movements in pipe systems transporting fluids under high pressure and/or at high temperatures. The basic element of an expansion joint is the bellows, which must be strong enough to withstand the circumferential pressure, and flexible enough to absorb the design deviations as often as necessary.
The balance between strength and flexibility is the problem which, according to the service conditions, is solved by the engineers on the basis of the bellows design (number of waves, thickness, height, number of layers, etc.) and the elasticity of the material used (AISI 304, 316, 321, 400, INCONEL, etc.).
Using special equipment for welding and deforming the metal plates, we manufacture the metallic expansion joints following the plans established for each design by our engineering department.
Our expansion joints can normally work up to 64 bars, although in special cases, using reinforcement rings, they can exceed said pressure. It is necessary to bear in mind that the pressure values will depend on the working temperature, diameter and corrugations.
Temperature affects the strength of the materials and must be taken into account when designing the resistance to wave pressure, and the thickness of the different components. Movements also depend on the temperature. Depending on the material, from -196º C to 800ºC.
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