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  • Rubber Expansion Joints with PTFE liner     [2017-01-13]

    Rubber Expansion Joints with PTFE liner. Flange: SS304, BS EN 1092-1 PN10 Rubber: NBR with 2.0mm PTFE liner. Size: 25mm to 300mm Face to Face Length: 130mm Will be used in a chemical plant piping systems in Portugal. If you would like to have more information, please contact:

  • DN2200 Double Hinge Flap Valves     [2016-12-19]

    DN2200 Double Hinge Flap Valves Valve Body - St37.2 Valve Gate - St37.2 Hinges - SS304 Flanges are in accordance with DIN PN16. For customer from Saudi Arabia Will depart from Qingdao sea port on Dec. 19. Packed in steel frame with a 20' top-open container.

  • Rubber Expansion Joint OEM Service GYLDT     [2016-10-29]

    Rubber Expansion Joints/Rubber Compensators DIN PN16 Flange, St37.2, ZINC Plated EPDM flexible rubber OEM for Spanish customer, will be sent in the firs week of Nov. 2016.

  • Pinch valves made in GYLDT     [2016-07-05]

    Please quote C&F Bangkok price for Pinch valve as ...... 1. Body : Aluminum 2. Sleeve : EPDM Reinforced 3. Actuator : Hand wheel 4. Size : DN 65 ( 2-1/2") 5 Flange : ANSI Class 150 6 Stem : SUS 304 7 Pressure : 8 Bar 8. Face to face :250-255 mm. Qty.- 25 pcs. REMARKS : Catalog or Drawing shall be enclose with quotation.  Looking forward to hearing from you asap...... Above is the inquiry from an Thailand customer. 20 days later, all pinch valves are finished as the photos. 5 pcs EPDM sleeves sent together with the valve...

  • Water Fire Monitoring Systems for Atrium     [2016-06-23]

    GYLDT manufactures Water Fire Monitoring Systems for Atrium. It is orientated by infrared ray, ultraviolet ray and embedded technology, can detect and put out fire in early stage all by itself. It’s especially suitable for large space like mall, workshop, warehouse and so on. GYLDT intelligent fire monitoring system passed Chinese National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center Test and got China Compulsory Certificate for Fire Products(CCCF), it is now sell well in China. Technical documents and photos and test videos available if you contact us. ...

  • GYLDT attended The 6th China(Guangzhou) International Fire Safety Exhibition     [2016-06-16]

    GYLDT CO., LIMITED attended The 6th China(Guangzhou) International Fire Safety Exhibition with intelligent water monitor system from June 13 - 15, 2016 at the booth B045. The products GYLDT shows are: Water Fire Monitor, Intelligent Image Fire Detector and Field Control Panel. The intelligent water monitor system is an active fire protection device which discharges water directly at a fire source within its detection radius. The intelligent water monitor system comprising of the water monitor device, water monitor control panel and water monitor alarm panel. ...

  • Flange Duckbill Check For GULF Market     [2016-06-07]

    Duckbill Check Valve is a cost effective way to control back pressures from sewage treatment plants, outfalls and tidal operations. They are a fully passive flow device requiring neither maintenance nor any outside sources of power or manual assistance to operate. Flange Duckbill Check Valves are designed to bolt directly to existing flanges or new installations, flanges are drilled BS EN 1092 standard. Other drilling standards are also available upon request. The Flange Duckbill Check Valves can be installed in either vertical or horizontal application. This is the duckbi...

  • Flanged Duck Bill Valve     [2016-05-16]

    Flanged Duck Bill Valves DN150mm are ready for delivery to New Zealand. Flange is SS316, Table E drilling. Rubber is Neoprene.

  • GYLDT got CCCF Certificate     [2016-03-11]

    GYLDT CO., LTD got China Compulsory Certificate for Intelligent Fire Monitors in China(CCCF No.: 2016081803000310), without this certificate, no firefighting equipment could sell in China. It is issued by CNCA (Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People's Republic of China), is the most authoritative certificate in China. Follow is the introduction from Wiki: The China Compulsory Certificate mark, commonly known as a CCC Mark, is a compulsory safety mark for many products imported, sold or used in the Chinese market. It was implemented...

  • Chinese Spring Festival Holiday is Coming!     [2016-01-12]

    Chinese Spring Festival Holiday is Coming!   Dear friends, Chinese Spring Festival is coming on February 8, from January 30 to February 23, all business will be slow down in China, and we can not make the delivery of any goods during these days as the poor logistics. Please take care of the delivery time when you placing and urgent order.   The following photos are a delivery of 8 cases of flange rubber expansion joints and threaded union rubber expansion joints to a Spainish customer. The vessel will start on January 20.

  • Happy New Year 2016!     [2015-12-31]

    Dear friends, we come to a close of the 2015, thank all of you for your support in the past years to GYLDT. In the coming new year 2016, we will continue to effort to become a better and better supplier. Hope you and your family to be always healthy, happy and wealthy. Thank you! Rui

  • Brass Union Rubber Expansion Joint     [2015-12-18]

    Brass Union Rubber Expansion Joint     Brass Male/Female threaded union rubber expansion joints samples made for Spanish clients. One side with BSPT cast iron threaded unions, BSPT, the other side with BSPT brass male or female threaded unions. NPT unions are available upon request.   Please contact us for more information needed by email or call us.   Rui Kong December 18, 2015

  • GYLDT CO., LIMITED     [2015-12-04]

    Dear sirs:   Our company English name had changed to GYLDT CO., LIMITED, Gongyi Liangda Tubes Co., Ltd is still available. And our company account had changed to HSBC Hongkong, new account can accept RMB, USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, AUD, SGD, CHF, THB, JPY, CHF.   In the future, GYLDT will continue manufacturing valves and fittings, in the other hand, GYLDT will design and manufacture intelligent firefighting equipment as fire monitors, fire detectors.   GYLDT will keep his honesty and endeavor to be your reliable suppli...

  • Image-Based Fire Flame Detection Research     [2015-10-23]

    1. Introduction With the prevalence of installation of visual surveillance systems in the past decade, image-based fire flame detection has become a very important issue because it closely related to every people’s safety and property. In particular, if the initial combustion could be detected immediately, the damage would be greatly reduced. Today, most frequently used flame detection techniques are usually based on smoke sampling temperature sampling, and air transparency testing, in addition to the traditional ultraviolet and infrared flame detectors. However, most of ...

  • Image Fire Detector - A Fast Image-Based Fire Flame Detection Method     [2015-10-12]

    Image Fire Detector -   A Fast Image-Based Fire Flame Detection Method   Fires usually cause serious disasters. Thus, fire detection has been an important issue to protect human life and property. In this paper, we propose a fast and practical real-time image-based fire flame detection method based on color analysis. We first build a fire flame color feature model based on the HSI color space by analyzing 70 training flame images. Then, based on the above fire flame color features model, regions with fire-like colors are roughly separated from each fram...

  • 72” Duckbill Valve     [2015-09-22]

    72” Duckbill Valve 6/30/2015, a customer from the USA placed us an order of duckbill valves of 72” through his representative Mr. S in China. The duckbill valves are specially designed for the pipe OD 74.83”(1900mm), it is customized item. As the customer is very famous in the USA market and the world, we asked 30% TT down payment and the balance would be against copy of bill of lading. 7/27/2015, after inspected the valves and everything was ready for shipment, Mr. S told us to wait for the permission of the delivery. In the following month, we kept ...

  • CIF - Discharge Port & Destination Port     [2015-07-01]

    There are a lot of sea ports in every country, except the main sea port, a lot of the customers would ask us to deliver goods to small ports which are near to their location. Sometimes the discharge port and the destination port are not the same, for example: There is no goods discharged in Bilbao when LCL from Qingdao, Tianjin or Shanghai, LCL goods must be discharged in Barcelona and then land transport to Bilbao. Only FCL will discharge and make customs clearance in Bilbao. Whenever we quote CIF some sea ports, we will choice the proper way to deliver the goods, when...

  • PTFE expansion bellow     [2015-04-17]

    PTFE expansion bellow We receive an enquiry as below: Item 1 10" Dia Bellow, PTFE, Corrugated, Plain Ends, No Tie Rod Support, 165mm FF, Inside Sleeved. --- 2 No.  Item 2 12" Dia Bellow, PTFE, Corrugated, Flanged Ends Ansi B16.5, Tie Rod Supported --- 2 No.   PTFE expansion bellow can not be produced with plain ends, only can produce with flange ends. The length is very important, so we recommend the length and provide the movement. The PTFE expansion bellow use all SS316&PTFE, (the enquiry donot mention th...

  • Competitive unit price     [2015-03-25]

      We quote the threaded rubber expansion joints DN50 for 20 pieces on 23th Mar. and the freight by express separate quoted. The customer reply us, our total price is very high(included the freight by express), he buy the joints from local importer (his price is 2 times of our unit price). Then we explain that the total weight is heavy, so the freight by express is high; if the customer need delivery the goods by sea next time, our price is very competitive and we will give you some discount if have the specific quantity. Today the customer need the price of 150 pieces rubber ...

  • DN25-DN80 Flanged In-line Duckbill Valve     [2015-03-13]

    DN25-DN80 Flanged In-line Duckbill Valve Dear customer, if you need the flanged in-lined duckbill valve and the size is 25mm-80mm, the quantity is less than 20 sets, we can not produce it for you. Because we need to make the new mould, the rate of finished products is very low, its cost is very high and it will take a long time, our price and production time is not competitive. Usually we do not produce it for you, of course if you insist and can accept our requirements, it is ok. For example, we produce 20 DN50 flanged in-line duckbill valve for our customer the last year. ...

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