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Stainless Steel Flap Valves

  • Product Name:  Stainless Steel Flap Valves
  • Product Details:  Stainless Steel Flap Valves

Stainless Steel flap valve applicable to water supply and wastewater treatment projects in various pipe and water channel as overflow, check effect, also can be applied to various vertical shaft manhole cover; Only for one-way water flow of round, square or rectangular export, the structure is simple, reliable work, no human operation, usable flange connection, also can connect with embedded parts fixed.

SS Non-Return Flap Valve


Features and Benifits
  • Unique lightweight stainless steel design
  • Low operating (cracking) head due to light weight
  • Double hinge for optimal sealing
  • Anti-tamper stainless steel hinge pins
  • Bushed hinge links
  • Excellent orrosion resistance
  • Lifting eye as standard
  • Drilled to suit flange and wall mounting
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Custom built to suit project requirements


Nominal diameter: DN100mm to DN3000mm, other sizes available
Maximum working pressure: 5.0 meter water
Operating temperature: >100℃
Opening angle >90°
Corrosion resistance  Excellent
Applicable media  water, river water, seawater, living water, industrial sewage, acid and alkali solution.

NO. Components Materials  Functions 
1 Seat SS Support
2 Flange SS Fasten
3 Gate SS Flow Control
4 Seal EPDM/BRASS Seal
5 Hinge Pine SS 304 Hinge
6 Nut SS 304 Fasten
7 Cotter Pin SS 304 Fasten
8 Bar SS 304 Reinforcement
9 Eye Bolt SS 304 Support

Integrate Stainless Steel Flange

Usually the flange drilling standard is based on DIN PN6, other standards avaible as ANSI CLASS150/300, DIN PN16/25, JIS10 etc. For special application, please contact GYLDT for detailed design.

It is recommended that at least 300mm fall away is provided at the invert to prevent fouling of the bottom of the gate.
Standard Size Range is 100mm square up to 2000mm square or any rectangular size within these limitations. Larger sizes can be accommodated depending on pressure and duty.
Can be manufactured from a grade of stainless steel to suit customer requirements.